Our Vision, Mission & Values

Operating since 1994, the Rainbow Foundation is an active ageing charity working to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities through a range of interventions and services.

Our Vision

age friendly community in which people, as they grow older, achieve their full potential, and lead healthy fulfilling lives as engaged citizens, with right of access to quality services both in their locality and according to their needs.

Our Mission

to provide access to support, services and facilities that empower people of all ages to retain as much independence as possible with an emphasis on rights, value and contribution,

to support people to regain their sense of worth and discover their full potential, by supporting them in making changes to bring this potential into the world and ensuring their voice is heard.

Our Values





Our Strategic Approach to developing services and support consists of delivering:

  • Foundation services – identify and make contact with lonely people, seek to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and help them to access existing resources.
  • Direct interventions-focus on enhancing and developing relationships and building self-confidence.
  • Gateway services
  • Structural enablers-focus on neighbourhoods, take an asset-based approach, encourage volunteering/peer support and advocate for positive ageing/tacking negative stereotypes.

What we do….

We deliver outstanding services which promote active ageing, promote good mental health and wellbeing, and reduce loneliness and isolation.

The Rainbow Foundation’s Strategic Approach sets out how we deliver these services in line with our organisational vision.  It is informed by the local needs of our community, directly addressing determinants of active ageing (World Health Organisation) and best practice approaches to combating loneliness (Campaign to End Loneliness and Age UK).