Brendan Richardson Volunteer

Brendan volunteers with our Rainbow Meals delivering meals to our clients in the community. Brendan also picks up clients to attend our lunch clubs and groups so they can get out and meet new friends.

“I didn’t know the Rainbow Centre until early this year when I was referred to them to help me with my bereavement. They were kind and sympathetic – it had only been a couple of months since I had lost my partner. I was lost, didn’t want to stay at home and would drive off most days to different places and sit for hours.

During one of our discussions, I learned about their volunteer services and I asked if I could be considered in a driving role, after all that is what I found myself doing most days. I was happy to join the Rainbow volunteers, it has helped me and has given me a purpose, something to plan for and a sense of achievement. I feel part of a team who do valuable community services”.