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RISE Consulting is the Social Value and Evaluation consultancy arm of The Rainbow Foundation. We provide the public, private and third sectors with expert support to evidence the value they provide. Our team work collaboratively to help you understand your organisations impact.  With expertise in evaluation, social return on investment, social value planning and strategy, benchmarking, stakeholder engagement, we can help your organisation understand the social value you offer, and the impact your strategic and operational goals will have on society.

Our team have experience in the charity sector as well the public sector, and successful delivery of large-scale capital, social regeneration, benchmarking, innovation adoption and transformation projects.

The Rainbow Foundation is a member organisation of Social Value UK and Social Value International.

What is Social Value?

Social Value looks at the social, economic, and environmental practices and policies of an organisation, project, or programme of work.  Social Value is about the sustainability and wellbeing of individuals and communities for the benefit of wider society.

Measuring Social Value takes the focus off purely monetary benefits and shifts the focus to emphasis what is important to people’s lives.  It looks at the experiences created by organisations, and whether that impact is positive or negative for the outcomes of an individual.

By measuring Social Value, we are focusing on how our actions add value to society and how they impact our communities.  This will not only have an impact now, but also for future generations.

What does this mean?

  • Social Impact:  Looks at the impact on the wellbeing of individuals and communities.
  • Economic Impact:  Looks at an organisation’s activity and influence on the economic growth and economic productivity of a community or society. 
  • Environmental Impact:  Measures the effect on the local environment of a project or development.

Meet Our Team

Caroline Tudor-James

Chief Executive Officer at The Rainbow Foundation

Caroline is the Chief Executive Officer of The Rainbow Foundation and a Board Member of the North Wales Regional Partnership Board.

Caroline has successfully led The Rainbow Foundation, an award-winning active ageing charity, to sustainably growing year on year by providing outstanding services and innovative responses to the current NHS and social care crisis. The Rainbow Foundation is the 2023 GSK/The Kings Fund Impact Award overall winner, which recognised the robust impact and evaluation work in place across the organisation.

Caroline holds a PostGrad in Research Methodologies and was Research Fellow (The University of Nottingham) in Health Action Zones, which were multi-agency partnerships across the UK working to tackle health inequalities and improve public services.

Prior to The Rainbow Foundation Caroline has extensive experience as a qualified transformational change professional working across local government and health. Caroline started her career working on the evaluation of the New Deal for Communities.

Susan Ikin

Impact and Evaluation Consultant at The Rainbow Foundation

Susan is an evaluation professional, with two decades experience in leading public sector service transformation, innovation adoption and benchmarking projects at a UK-wide and regional level. Susan has held senior management positions in operational and strategic roles in NHS acute trusts and commissioning.

Susan has experience in evaluation design, improvement methodologies and mixed methods analysis. Susan has a focus on evaluation for service improvement, and helping organisations use impact measurement to understand the value they are delivering.


Our Services

Impact Measurement

We can help you understand the impact of your organisation’s social initiatives.

By quantifying and measuring the effectiveness of services, we can help you focus on.

  • What matters to your stakeholders
  • Sustainability of existing and future services
  • Identifying and growing new streams of income

Impact Measurement is tailored to the outcomes of your projects, ensuring the processes, outputs and outcomes are captured.   We have a range of options including data analytics, stakeholder surveys, and custom metrics, to deliver clear actionable insights. 

    Social Value Strategy

    Integrating social responsibility into your core business functions, is something our team can support you with.  We will help you develop a social value policy and strategy and implement tools to help you measure and monitor the impact you are creating.


    Providing bespoke evaluation to analyse and enhance the value of your services and projects. We work with you to develop and produce an evaluation that provides you with insights into achievement of objectives and goals, and highlights areas of best practice as well as areas for refinement and growth.

    Our team will support you by developing a framework, tailored to your specific objectives.  We will guide you through the process whether your focus is development of an initiative, evaluating the outcomes of a project or gauging the long term effects of interventions, including analysing processes and their impact.

    Our comprehensive approach includes;

    • Measuring the effectiveness of your work
    • Aligning with your strategic and operational objectives
    • Supports communication with stakeholders
    • Robust reporting to funders
    • Supports staff and volunteer engagement and wellbeing
    • Facilitation of best practice and learning to share the knowledge you acquire.

    Social Return on Investment (SROI)

    SROI is a critical measure when viewing how effectively your investment translates into positive social impact. We will guide you trough the process of assessing your project or services social value to provide you with quantifiable tangible outcome measures.

    Our aim is to highlight the direct benefits of your work to all stakeholder but also to uncover the broader impact on the community.

    Our team will provide you with:

    • Expert assistance in identifying the social, environmental and economic outcomes of your initiatives.
    • Detailed analysis translating the outcomes into financial values
    • Strategic insights to enhance your social impact
    • An effective tool for communicating the value of your work

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