Community Agents

A free service providing advice, information and support for the over 50's in our communities

2023 Community Agent Report

Download a copy of our latest Community Agent report for full details of our service delivery and community impact.

Our Community Agents can directly support you with

falls & frailty prevention

mobility aids, falls assessments, falls team referrals, support to get active again

income maximisation

benefit checks, and claim support

retaining independence

telecare, community alarms, OT assessments, home care

reduction in loneliness and social isolation

peer support groups and volunteering, befriending services and the widening of circle of care

health improvement

linking to local surgeries, community nursing teams, mental health teams and hospital discharge, pharmacies

We do this by helping you with:

improving your health and wellbeing

applications and claims to access services + income maximisation (benefit & debt support)

signposting to appropriate services

reconnecting you with your local community

connecting with others using digital technology

establishing local clubs & activities

Our Community Agents can help you:

Access services and support

Reconnect with your local community

Improve your mental health and wellbeing

Strengthen community relationships & services

We do this by supporting you with:

improving your health and wellbeing

Income maximisation including benefit & debt support

Signposting to appropriate services

Connecting with others using digital technology

Establish local clubs and activities

Reducing social isolation

Could you benefit from a visit from one of our Community Agents? Take the test now.

  • Would you like any help and support finding new hobbies and activities within your local area?
  • Do you struggle with loneliness?
  • Have you lost a loved one?
  • Are you caring for another person and would like support?
  • Do you struggle with mobility issues around your home and would like a home visit to see if a community agent can help?
  • Have you fallen more than once in the last 3 months and would like a visit from Wrexham falls team?
  • Do you have any transport issues?
  • Do you have a medical diagnosis you are concerned about and feel you would like extra help and support?
  • Do you suffer with anxiety and depression and feel you need help to manage your symptoms?
  • Are you worried about money?
  • Are your bills getting out of control or do you think you might be entitled to extra benefits and would like advice?
  • Are you struggling with other areas of day-to-day living?
  • Do you need additional support due to Covid 19?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions then please get in touch to learn the ways which we can support you

Please get in touch to learn the ways in which we can support you

Our Community Agent service has enabled us to strengthen how localised support can be mobilised effectively for the benefit of its immediate community – bringing the Rainbow Foundation, local Community Councils, Community Agent’s, and local volunteers together.

Community Agents have continued to directly support our Rainbow Foundation Social Prescribers, as well as actively working alongside social workers, occupational therapists, mental health workers, community nurses and other front-line health and social care services.

Cost of Living Support

More than a third of Welsh households are struggling to heat their homes, this is almost 50% higher than the British average.  The current pressures on UK households mean that 24% are struggling to keep warm15% struggling with rising food costs and 50% say winter pressures are impacting on their physical and mental health (ONS figures, released on 30th Jan 2023).

Our Community Agents are seeing evidence of this on a weekly basis, and whilst they cannot solve the current cost of living crisis, they can help.

Community Agent Carla Lovell says: “a lot of my clients used to get taxi to cafes and have a cup of tea to natter with their friends, but they cannot afford to do that anymore. More and more people are becoming isolated and living in a single room in their homes as that is all they can afford to heat.”

Cost of Living Case Studies

Shirley O’Connor

Shirley O’Connor contacted Rainbow’s community agent service in December.  Bereaved and living alone, Shirley isolated during covid due to health concerns, and rising prices had made it harder for Shirley to manage her finances and enjoy the quality of life that she had before. 

“Last week I had to buy new glasses, so I couldn’t afford to put my payment for gas in.  I will have to be in bed for 6pm.” said Shirley.

Shirley applied for pension credit over 6 months ago due to her low income.  Despite the DWP aiming to process claims for pension credit within 35 days, over 50% of claims are taking much longer and are putting pensioners like Shirley at risk of further financial hardship.

In January 2023 Shirley was supported by our Community Agent team to access £260 in allowances to help with the cost of living and has been given support to chase her Pension Credit payments.

“Despite pension credit delays, it’s important that people claim it, as it unlocks entitlement to wider benefits and support, including vouchers towards the cost of glasses” says Community Agent Carla.

Thankfully Shirley has since had her pension credit paid in the past few days, however many people are still in the position she was in, waiting for news.

Penny Evans

Penny was spending most of her days in one room and struggling to manage her finances. When asked how often Penny was putting the heating on, she said “when I’m having a shower, once a week, because of the expense of the gas…to be honest it’s not fair. I worked hard all my life. We’re scrimping and saving; it is a worry.”

Since receiving support from our Community Agent team, Penny has had a full financial assessment, and has had help with budgeting, giving her more financial freedom to pay for everything she needs.

Penny said “I don’t know what I would do without [Community Agent Carla]. I’d still be living on £70 a week and waiting to hear from the bank. Her help has made such a difference to how worried I get.”

In 2020 our Community Agents

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