Community Classes

The main hall at the Rainbow Centre Penley and Marchwiel Village Hall are available to book for community events and classes. Here you will find details of all upcoming events.


Karate is a high-aerobic activity that utilizes virtually every muscle group in your body. One of the most significant benefits of Karate is the effect it has on your cardiovascular system. Karate exercises will get your blood pumping and will put a specific demand on your heart, which will improve your heart rate as well as increase your oxygen intake and increase general coordination as well as hand-eye coordination, balance and mobility

Booking: Contact Roger Williams on 07955 791491 or email

Tuesdays at the Penley Rainbow Centre

7pm – 8:30pm

Qi Gong Classes

The ancient art of Qi Gong (Chi Gung,) predating the more widely known Tai Chi, teaches how to connect with, mobilize and build the Qi (energy) in your body improving physical and mental wellbeing. Classes start with yoga/ stretching warm up before students are taught various standing and moving Qi Gong exercises.

Contact Linda Hallett Contact Linda on 07599813077 to check for available place in class.

Thursdays at the Penley Rainbow Centre

7:30pm – 9pm

Singing classes

Private singing lessons available between 3:30pm – 8pm, Monday to Friday

To book, please contact Rebecca Roberts on

Daily at Piercy Hall, Marchwiel

various days and times available