Day Opportunities

Our Day Opportunities Service focuses on enhancing and developing relationships and building self-confidence to enable clients to better manage their health, wellbeing and self-care while combating loneliness.

Whether you are looking for a social hub to make new friends or looking for some structure and assistance during the day, our Day Opportunities service can help provide meaningful social contact in a safe and secure environment.

Group activities and shared interest groups are most likely to meet older people’s needs for promoting health and wellbeing and providing meaningful social contact. We offer access to new opportunities, learning, health promotion and support our clients and their carers through difficult times. Our groups and social environment effectively tackle loneliness, improve resilience, and enable meaningful connections to be made.

Our Day Opportunities service provides


a social hub

We know home based services alone cannot meet all our needs. People are social, who benefit from peer support to tackle loneliness by giving us a sense of belonging, build our support networks, improve resilience, and enable us to stay connected.


nutrition & hydration

All Day Opportunities clients receive a Rainbow Meal providing good nutrition and hydration



Attending our Day Opportunities service allows us to not only meet our clients care needs, but to also empower them to have the confidence to better manage their health and wellbeing, allowing them to maintain their independence.

access to services

Through our Day Opportunities service, clients can also access hairdressing, chiropody, community agent as well as counselling & therapeutic support services.

We do this through








social interaction


Based out of the choice of three locations, our quality care hubs promote health and wellbeing, while providing personal care with dignity.


Monday to Friday
from 9:30am -3:00pm

Rainbow Centre,
Whitchurch Road, Penley, Wrexham, LL13 0GB


Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9:30am -3:00pm

Piercy Hall, 29 Piercy Avenue, Marchwiel, LL13 0RH


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 9:30am -3:00pm

Chirk Parish Hall,
Holyhead Road, Chirk,
Wrexham, LL14 5NA

Goose and Goslings at The Rainbow Foundation

Our Goose and Goslings programme is a weekly intergenerational intervention developed in partnership with Mother Goose Nursery promoting movement, play, memory and friendship.

Client testimonial

The impacts of loneliness in later life have been exasperated by the coronavirus pandemic. During the initial lockdown period we saw:


in the onset of dementia


in loneliness, depression, and anxiety


in physical health amongst clients who would normally access our Day Opportunities Service.

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