Social Prescribing

A social prescriber can help you establish what matters to you and provide you with direct support to reach your health and wellbeing goals.

2023 Enhanced Social Prescribing Report

Download a copy of our latest Social Prescribing report for full details of our service delivery.

Delivered through a combination of talking therapy and signposting to support services, a Social Prescription can:


give you the tools and techniques to prioritise your health and wellbeing


give you the knowledge and confidence to take control of your long term health


Motivate you to prioritise yourself more and need interventional care less

Our Social Prescribers can help with:

Physical Activity

Debt & Benefits advice

Diet & Nutrition

Housing Support

Mental Health

Employability Support

Social Support

Volunteering Support

Substance Abuse

Gambling Addiction

Contact your GP for a referral today.

Alternatively you can self-refer to our service by emailing us direct. Please note that you must be registered with a Wrexham GP to self refer to our Social Prescribing service.

Mind @ Midday

The Rainbow Foundation’s Mind @ Midday campaign is designed to encourage you to pause for two minutes at midday every day during November and use that time to prioritse your wellbeing. 

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